A Guide to Strategic Human Resource Management Planning

Signature Assignment: Strategic HRM Planning

A Guide to Strategic Human Resource Management Planning


Global Plastics Inc. experienced high turnover of key employees, which has led the organization to require a new and revamped HR department to provide an effective and strategic HR plan that significantly reduces turnover. cost Former HR representatives at companies never focused on training, hiring, development processes, and performance appraisal programs that aligned with the company’s mission and goals, as well as effective job descriptions and titles. Also, the department never took effective action against OSHA violations, and the company’s foreign operations recorded a higher turnover than the United States. However, now that the HR leadership has changed, things will improve. Plan to participate actively in the recruitment or hiring and training of department employees and have significant responsibility for establishing and implementing policies and procedures that emphasize employee safety in the organization’s workplace.

Recruitment and selection process

An effective HR department requires a well-designed plan to attract, recruit and select qualified talent capable of achieving the company’s primary goals and objectives. Since high-level employees who play the most important role in achieving Global Plastics’ organizational goals are leaving their positions due to high turnover, the new HR representative must conduct extensive research and analysis of job vacancies. This will include examining the skills, competencies and knowledge required for each job, and examining global and national market salaries to determine the most competitive compensation that will attract and retain the best talent in the market (Al-Kassem, 2017). In addition, companies can implement human resource management systems and outsource some HR functions, such as recruitment, payroll, and benefits management, allowing the company’s human resources department to focus more on recruiting and training new employees. and their duties are consistent with the company’s goals, objectives, and mission.


Job title and description


As noted earlier, the company’s former HR representative was not involved in making the exact job title and description; therefore, Global Plastics Inc. needed a comprehensive business analysis of the existing position. Basic job search methods to use in these situations include sending questionnaires to current and former employees and interviewing supervisors to learn more about available positions.

The Department of Personnel may also pay more attention to ensuring equal employment opportunity groups for people of different races, ethnicities, and nationalities, as well as job descriptions and authentic records that comply with various laws, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. and young people feel comfortable working for the company; therefore, it attracts more diverse employees (Kosheleva & Bordunos, 2018). When posting job openings, HR departments should use internal and external platforms to allow people inside and outside the company to apply for job openings.

The training and development process at Global Plastics should be outsourced as it would be more beneficial to invest in training and development methods such as on-the-job training, e-learning, team coordination training and behavioral modeling. Therefore, the HR department and the description department can implement all effective methods to ensure compliance with the law and accurate job descriptions for everyone to use, as well as effective training and development methods that match the goals and mission of the organization and the company’s employees. in today’s job market, making it even more valuable.


Performance Appraisal/Metrics


The former human resource performance appraisal program failed to align with the company’s mission and made it very challenging to establish effective metrics to measure the attainment of company goals and objectives, hence the need to redesign it. The redesigning should begin with renaming the program to a performance management system. This will ensure that the organizational goals are clearly outlined in a way that proves beneficial for the organization. To ensure the effectiveness of this process, Global Plastics Inc. should apply the use of 360-degree feedback as well as critical incident technique to effectively reduce errors in the performance appraisal process and ensure that the workplace environment involves every individual employee in the performance management process, instead of making it a burden for a few select employees. Global Plastics should also implement a policy that addresses OSHA violations.

The policy should entail a job hazard analysis, a safety program that every employee must go through to complete their training, as well as a detailed explanation of the zero-tolerance policy relating to workplace violence and the consequences for going against the rules put in place by the policy (John, 2017).

Some of the most efficient HR metrics that will be used to measure the attainment of the goals of the organization will include employee engagement scores, employee satisfaction surveys, employee retention surveys, recruitment rates, and training outcomes (Edwards, 2018). The results from the employee satisfaction surveys and the employee engagement scores will be used to determine whether the employees are engaged in their respective tasks that are tailored towards achieving the major goal of performance improvements, as well as whether they are satisfied by the several policies implemented in the organization and feel safe to work in the organization regardless of the country in which they got employed.

Training outcomes will be used to measure the attainment of different training objectives and determine whether the different training techniques applied were successful and imparted the employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to achieve the set organizational goals or objectives and mission. The employee recruitment rates will measure the company’s ability to attract the best talent in the job market with the necessary skills to achieve a competitive advantage over other organizations in the same industry.

Lastly, the retention surveys will be essential in measuring whether the working environment within the organization is satisfactory or safe enough for the employees to feel comfortable. This metric will also measure whether the compensation is sufficient enough to ensure that the company retains its top talents and doesn’t lose them to the competition, with a significant reduction in the turnover rates, also indicating the success of the employee retention metric.


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