BCCC Blood Is the Master Tissue in Human Body Which Has a Lifesaving Role Ques

November 26, 2020| Ecadimi

BCCC Blood Is the Master Tissue in Human Body Which Has a Lifesaving Role Ques

Q 1. Artificial Blood – Why is this NOT available to completely replace blood transfusions ??? Discuss, give your supporting evidence for and against this life saving Question.

Q 2. Cardio-Myogenesis – ‘FACT or FICTION” – What does the current research present ? What is the future for this ?



1. Do NOT cut and paste from web sites, – you will get 0 pts. That’s plagiarism. (your write up is being checked for plagiarism)

2. TYPE YOUR write up first in a Word Doc, then Upload to assignment tab, it must be at least 3-4 pages max. for the above 2 Questions, add your references in APA format, No need to put your name at top of the page.

3. Write your answer to the questions and give at least two or more references, use a narrative style, like if you were writing a paper for submission. Edit your write up for spelling and grammar, as points will be taken off.


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