Clinical Field Experience A Bringing Science and Social Studies


Developmentally appropriate lessons foster a child’s growth both intellectually and socially. The mentor teacher could make the learners work in groups. The creation of groups in a learning process instill the sense of working together and collaborating with fellow children. The engagement that the mentor teacher had created in class acts as a representation of the society and social disparities that are evident in the contemporary world. This enhances the understanding of what social studies brings forth.

The adoption of technological advancement in education saves time while offering learners real time consumption of knowledge. The mentor teacher used a video to show the learners a comparison of different animals in their habitat. For further learning, the mentor teacher had created a son relating to the animals that the learners were seeing. Singing incorporated art in the learning of science. Learners were excited with the singing. The teacher felt that incorporating art in a science lesson made the learners show more interest in learning.

The mentor teacher notes that the inclusion of cross-curricular learning process has to be in line with the syllabus and the learning standard. Further, cross-curricular creates a connection between different subjects that the leaners are learning. The linkage that cross-curricular creates makes learners aware that the world is like system and there is interrelatedness.

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