Clinical Field Experience B Science Lesson Presentation

Summary and reflection of the science lesson

The science lesson fascinated the learners. They were engaged in the learning process. I noted they engaged in the learning process since they asked content related questions. For instance, the videos and pictures that portrayed the earth as being spherical left them with many questions. I used more time than anticipated explaining the shape of the earth but it was good since it showed that they were engrossed and interested in the learning process. Further, they were ready to answer questions during the formative assessment process.

The concept of the earth was unfamiliar to the learners and therefore the use of their personal information to make the new concept familiar helped the learners to understand. The integration of personal information was meant to make the content of the lesson familiar. For instance, I used an apple to demonstrate the shape of the earth. I monitored the learners’ reactions closely to adjust the lesson accordingly. Whenever they could act like they have not comprehended a point, I had to present it using an example that they can be familiar with.

Technology play a critical role in the learning process. Teaching learners about the earth only became effective through the use of videos that portrayed the different features of the earth. Equally, assistive technology enabled learners with special needs to keep up with other learners. Assistive technology saves time since I do not need to repeat a concept for the learners with hearing impairment, they can keep up with the rest.

The teaching process gets perfect with time. The mentor teacher noted that I took much time in lesson introduction and thus affecting the lesson’s conclusion. I will take into consideration her advice on the need to segment a lesson into a short introduction, the main learning process and the conclusion. Further, I will incorporate formative assessment to guide the lesson’s progress in future.

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