Directions: Write a short summary,

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Directions: Write a short summary, and then answer all of the questions at the end of the case.Always use references.The summary should not exceed one page.Please read the case about three times befo


  • Write a short summary,  and then answer all of the questions at the end of the case.
  • Always use references.
  • The summary should not exceed one page.
  • Please read the case about three times before attempting to answer any question and you will find you get a better understanding of what is being asked of you.
  • Please be sure to back up your answers with facts from the textbook, and put together complete and well thought out responses. I am looking for original input so, please integrate your thoughts and experiences in each case assignment.
  • Also make sure that you support and reinforce your answers and replies with factual information from the textbook, research, work/life experiences, etc.

Please number each of your answers.  This is very important so that I understand which questions to which you are responding. BELOW IS THE QUESTIONS AND SUBJECT

Pirates of Globalization It pays to remember

AccountingEnglishBusinessHistoryPhilosophyLawEconomicsPsychologyReligionSociologyArtManagementMarketingEducationScienceNursingLiteraturePolitical ScienceComputer ScienceTechnologyBiologyGeographyPhysicsChemistryMathematicsAnthropologyMedical, and Finance.

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