Discussion Question

December 27, 2020| Ecadimi

Discussion Question

Discussion Board Scenario: You work as an analyst in the planning unit of a firm with international operations. From time to time, you might be called to a meeting to discuss certain aspects of international business. As you state your responses to the Discussion Board questions, assume that you are in a formal, management discussion. Your manager has asked that you state your sources when citing facts or important concepts, for good order.

Question 1: Your firm’s Christmas tree division in Oregon wants to export a shipload of Christmas trees to the Philippines. The would-be importer does not have sufficient cash to pay for the shipment but insists that the trees can quickly be resold in the Philippines for a profit, because Christmas trees are rare in a country where celebrating Christmas is important. You are being asked to outline the options the division can consider to make this export happen. And if you suggest a particular option, you will have to outline the steps to effect the export to the Philippines.




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