IT 133 Unit 7 Assignment

IT 133 Unit 7 Assignment


Create a CSS navigation bar with roll over effects for the website.   Design a contact page and add to the website.

Course outcome(s) practiced in this unit: IT117-4: Use forms, various cascading styles, and global standardization to develop a more robust webpage.    Review the Grading Rubric before beginning this activity.    Remember: All of your Web pages should include the DOCTYPE statement above the opening html tag, like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>

All your Web pages are also required to contain the <title> tag pair within the head section, like this:



<title>Your Name, Career Information</title>


Assignment Instructions are located in the PDF below (click the Rubric icon).

Submit your Assignment to the Dropbox for this unit. Be sure to review the grading rubric before you begin.

Assignment Instructions

Complete your Contact Page. 1.  You created a file named contact.htm in the previous unit. Now, you will add content to complete that same page. The page should contain:

  A title   A heading

  Your contact information (can be fictitious)   Your unordered list for your navigation bar   Your email link (you already added this when you completed Assigment 7).

2.  Open externalstylesheet.css in Notepad.

3.  Add the required code for a navigation bar (see the PDF file “Special reading on CSS for Unit 8” in the reading section for this unit for full instructions.)

4.  Change the background and text colors for the navigation bar and the rollover effect.

5.  Feel free to add additional CSS rules on externalstylesheet.css as you wish to enhance the appearance of your Web pages.

6.  Save your changes to externalstylesheet.css.

7.  Ensure the link tag to externalstylesheet.css exist in the head section of all five of your Web pages (this should already be in place but double check).

8.  Add the HTML code for the navigation bar unordered list (as described in the PDF file “Special reading on CSS for Unit 8”) to each of the five pages on your Web site.

9.  Upload all of your Web pages and externalstylesheet.css to your Web server to implement all your changes.

10. Test all links on all of your pages.

Post the URL to your Website in the comments section of the Dropbox