QNT 561 Week 4 Assignment – Descriptive Statistics and Interpretation

QNT 561 Week 4 Assignment – Descriptive Statistics and Interpretation



ABC company sells satellite service to consumers. The company has suffered from terrible reviews and customer satisfaction ratings however; employees are also not happy working for the company and there it leads to the employees not providing the best customer service to its possible customers.

independent variable:  Delivery of Customer Service to possible consumers

dependent variable: Employee Job Satisfaction


  • Customers are not satisfied with ABC company overall services and turn to other satellite providers.
  • ABC company employees are not happy and do not provide quality customer service.

Sampling Distribution and Confidence Interval Estimations:

TVA wishes to fix is issue with low customer satisfaction ratings. In order to research and learn more about the issues a study is being conducted in which sample and data collection will be used to find a good solution to increase overall customer satisfaction within the company. The research is being conducted on employees of the company first because it is believed that the problems with customer satisfaction actually stem from unhappy employees. The company currently employs approximately 19,000. For the sampling we will use a sample of 3.38% of the total 19,000 employees which will be 643 employees. For the sample we will be using simple random selection of 643 employees using a random lottery system in excel. This method provides a random selection for any employee equally and is very quick to setup and has the least cost. The way we determined the sample size has to do with the confidence level we choose which was 99% with +/- 5% margin of error. This confidence level is higher than the standard level of confidence that is used which is 95%. Having the right sample size is very important because having a sample that is too large may take too long and use more resources to sample. Samples that are too small may lead to inaccurate results. The formula to obtain the right sample size is:       Z 2 * (p) * (1-p)/c 2 . Z = Z value, p = percentage picking a choice expressed as a decimal and c = confidence interval expressed as a decimal. The sampling element that will be used will be a survey with the following questions:

Do you think the rules and regulations set at your job are to strict?

Are you satisfied with your current position in the company?

Are you likely to stay with the company for the next 5 years?

Are you likely to recommend friends and family work for the company?

What do you recommend be changed to make your work environment better?

The survey will be delivered to the random employees via email. The survey will clearly state that the recipient was selected at random and that their answers would be anonymous and confidential. There would be no identifying information required for the survey as far as name or any other personal information. The survey itself would be done via a link provided in the email that would take them to the questions listed above on a secure server. Once all recipients responded the results would be immediately available for review.



Create a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet with the two variables from your learning team’s dataset.

Analyze the data with Microsoft® Excel® or other statistical tool(s), including:

  • Descriptive stats for each numeric variable
  • Histogram for each numeric variable
  • Bar chart for each attribute (non numeric) variable
  • Scatter plot if the data contains two numeric variables

Determine the appropriate descriptive statistics.

  • For normally distributed data use the mean and standard deviation.
  • For significantly skewed data use the median and interquartile range.

Use the Individual Methodology Findings Template to complete the descriptive statistics.

Use the Descriptive Statistics and Interpretation Example to develop an interpretation of the descriptive statistics.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit both the spreadsheet and the completed Individual Methodology Findings Template to the Assignment Files tab.