MKT 620 Action Assignment B


Action Assignment B:  Summarize and analyze a journal article or a YouTube video on virtual teams and post your analysis of the article or video below the 5 answers on the (same!) Moodle discussion forum WEB 2.0.

****Please read and follow the directions exactly stated below. Thanks!!!

Details: O’Rourke emphasizes (in Ch. 7) the growing popularity of virtual teams in today’s businesses and highlights some advantages and disadvantages of working virtually.  He does not, however, discuss (1) the challenges virtual team leaders face because of the distributed and asynchronous nature of virtual projects, (2) the communication challenges team members face because they must be self-directed, politically and culturally sensitive, and able to admit their mistakes, (3) and the strong goal-orientation team members must possess to meet project objectives.

Your task is to find a journal article (does not need to be a scholarly one) or a YouTube video that discusses oneof the three points mentioned above. After reading or watching the material you found, summarize it in one short paragraph (80-100 words – call it Summary) and let your reader know which of the three topics the article or video refers to; then you analyze the information (take it apart, examine relationships) in about two or threeshort paragraphs (call it Analysis); and finally, evaluate the info (judge, critique, defend) in one paragraph (call itEvaluation).

Include the following aspects in your summary:

  1. Start your summary in the present tense with a clear identification of the title, author, type of work (e.g., journal article, blog, online periodical, article from database, newspaper article, ebook, kindle, online interviews, etc. – use Wikipedia only as a starting point). Example: In the BizEdarticle, ‘Leadership Communication’, the author, John Norten, explains the multiple dimensions of leadership communication.
  2. Do not include any of your own ideas, opinions, or interpretations into the summary.
  3. Remind your reader once or twice that this is a summary by using phrases such as the article claims, the author suggests, etc.
  4. Cite the source of your summary in the References. (APA FORMAT)