BUSN 320 Final Exam Answers

BUSN 320 Final Exam Answers


Question 1
A website development project may not lend itself to rapid development techniques if it has which of the following characteristics?


Question 2
Competition between telecoms and cable companies to provide broadband access to private homes and offices is a function of which of these factors?


Question 3
Which of the following statements dealing with the implementation of the commerce web sites is most accurate?


Question 4
IMHO e-commerce will continue to grow and prosper mainly because it is relatively “frictionless” when compared to offline business processes. In a few short paragraphs discuss what you think I mean by this (please be as specific as possible). BTW you won’t find the answer to this in the book or on the web, use your finely developed analytical reasoning instead.


Question 5
Please list the Top Ten concepts, ideas or facts you will remember from Chapters 7-12 (use bullets or “headlines to keep this short).


Question 6
An experienced investor will document their interest in investing in a new venture by means of what?


Question 7
partnerships are more likely to succeed one which of the following elements are present?


Question 8
Customer metrics associated with an online business should focus on which of the following?


Question 9
The source of funding for a new venture which is least likely to materialize is which of the following options?


Question 10
At one point eBay’s e-commerce sites were nearly overwhelmed by unexpected volumes of legitimate customer activity. this might have been avoided if ebay had focused on designing more of what into their system?


Question 11
According to the authors of our text, a seamless customer experience means what?


Question 12
when considering outsourced hosting alternatives, a company wishing to maintain the most control over the hardware running their website would select which of these options?


Question 13
Which of this following statements regarding hybrid companies, those organizations having both an online component and an offline component, is most accurate?


Question 14
DVR-like technologies pose a serious threat to whom?


Question 15
One issue faced by companies that maintain separate online and offline organizations is the competition for the same customers that will inevitably arise between the two entities. This competition is known as what?


Question 16
The term bluetooth technology is derived from what?


Question 17
Which of the following best describes site architecture at a high level?


Question 18
Most modern e-commerce web sites include which of the following tiers?


Question 19
Ultimately the success or failure of a new web site launch will be judged by which of the following?


Question 20
In a client-server architecture, the best description of a server is provided by which of the following statements?