CMGT 556 Week 1 Individual Assignment Artificial Intelligence


Assignment Preparation

Activities include completing the chapter review, the Skillsoft courses, the Skillsoft Business Explorations, independent student reading, and research.

Read “The Future: Artificial Intelligence,” in Ch. 9, “Enabling the Organization – Decision Making,” of Business Driven Technology.
Complete the following Skillsoft courses:

Business Analysis: Enterprise Analysis
Developing the Capacity to Think Strategically
Developing the Strategic Thinking Skill of Seeing the Big Picture
Using Strategic Thinking Skills

Complete the following in the Skillsoft Business Exploration Series:

Effective Critical Analysis of Business Reports
Returning to Core Competencies
External Consultants Can Help
Competitive Awareness and Strategy
Effective Critical Analysis of Business Reports
Leading Outside the Organization
External Consultants Can Help
Leadership Advantage: Competitive Awareness and Strategy 2.0


Write a 2- to 3-page paper summarizing the categories of artificial intelligence. Compare and evaluate their value in business decision making.