BAM 421 Operations Management Unit 2 Examination


BAM 421 Operations Management Unit Exam 2


  1. The analysis tool that helps determine what products to develop, and by what strategy, by listing products in descending order of their individual dollar contribution to the firm is

_______________ analysis.


  1. In which stage of the product life cycle should product strategy focus on improved cost control?


  1. _______________ is used to rank a company’s products to determine which products represent the best use of the firm’s resources, or, perhaps, to determine which products are to be eliminated.


  1. Which of the following represents an opportunity for generating a new product?


  1. What percentage of sales from new products is indicative of industry leaders?


  1. Which of the following is not one of the major categories of costs associated with quality?


  1. All of the following costs are likely to decrease as a result of better quality EXCEPT _______________ costs.


  1. Quality can improve profitability by reducing costs. Which of the following is not an aspect of reduced costs by quality improvements?


  1. Which of the four major categories of quality costs is particularly hard to quantify?


  1. Which of the following statements is NOT true?


  1. Frito-Lay is to _____________ focus as Harley Davidson is to _____________ focus.


  1. One of the similarities between repetitive focus and mass customization is _____________.


  1. Flexible equipment with rapid changeovers is most closely associated with which approach?


  1. Swift movement through the facility is typical of goods in which approach?


  1. High fixed costs and low variable costs are typical of which approach?


  1. Instead of comparing the salaries of Detroit autoworkers to foreign autoworkers to determine if Union labor prices are the cause of Detroit’s financial woes, which of the following should be used?


  1. The reason fast food restaurants often are found in close proximity to each other is ______________.


  1. Currency risk is based on what assumption?


  1. Governmental attitudes toward issues such as private property, intellectual property, zoning, pollution and employment stability may change over time. The term associated with this phenomenon is _____________ risk.


  1. A location decision for an appliance manufacturer would tend to have a(n) _____________.


  1. Slotting fees _____________.


  1. Which of the following is not a retail layout practice?


  1. What is the primary reason why retailers tend to locate high-draw items around the periphery of the store?


  1. The fixed-position layout would be most appropriate in which of the following settings?


  1. For which of the following operations would a fixed-position layout be most appropriate?