TMAN 625 Final Examination Answers


Final Exam Instructions


  1. All questions are mandatory. Even though some questions are easier or shorter than other questions, each is worth ten points each for a total of 100 points. The deadline for submitting the exam is Sunday at 11:59 PM Maryland time. Late exams will incur a penalty of 5 points per day.
  2. The time value of money is relevant to all questions. Assume all transactions happen at the end of periods unless indicated differently. Assume that “today” is the last day of year 0. Some questions may have information that is not needed.
  3. Questions concerning the exam must be emailed to your professor. Responses to questions that can be addressed will be posted in the course room anonymously so that the same information is communicated to all students. Questions posted by students within the course room will be deleted as they can communicate solution approaches, or wrong solution approaches as has happened. Exams are a competitive situation. Check the course room NEWS at least daily for corrections and clarifications.
  4. Do all of your calculations within the exam spreadsheet and in the cell where a solution is shown. If cell calculations are not there, it will be assumed that they did not happen and points will be deducted. Do not copy the exam into another spreadsheet or copy answers into the exam (except perhaps for Q10) as this can cause calculations to be lost and grading links to be corrupted.
  5. Utilize two decimal places for rates (e.g. 23.45%).
  6. This is an individual assignment, and not a group or team project. Complete this exam alone and do not discuss this examination with your classmates. If you do not complete this exam alone, you run the risk of receiving a failing grade in this class. Any hint of cheating or working with others will cause both parties to receive a failing grade.
  7. If sources other than course material and the textbook are used in a question, cite them.
  8. Put your name on the cover page of the exam. Put your last name at the beginning of the attachment name. Upload completed exams into the Final Exam Assignment Folder. Check to make sure it is really posted by opening the attached exam after posted, and make sure it is the correct exam and not one for another course, or one with no solutions. Mishaps such as these happen on every exam!