ACCT 504 Accounting and Finance Managerial Use and Analysis



ACCT 504 Week 1 ,  An Overview of Financial Statements and the Environment of Financial Reporting


What is GAAP?  What is the purpose of GAAP?

What is the purpose of a Balance Sheet? What information does it provide?



ACCT 504 Week 2, The Accounting Information System and Accrual Accounting Concepts


What is the role of the accounting equation in the analysis of business transactions?


ACCT 504 Week 3, Merchandising Operations and Inventory – Discussions Questions


ACCT 504 Week 3, Case Study 1 Flower Landscaping CorporationDiscussions Questions
ACCT 504 Week 4, Internal Control, Cash and Receivables – Discussion Questions

ACCT 504 Week 4, Midterm Quiz
ACCT 504 Week 5: Long-Lived Assets and Liabilities, and Time Value of Money


ACCT 504 Week 5, Case Study 2 Internal Control – LJB Company

ACCT 504 Week 6, Stockholders’ Equity and Statement of Cash Flows

ACCT 504 Week 6 Case Study 3 – Cash Budgeting – LBJ Company
ACCT 504 Week 7, Financial Analysis: The Big Picture


ACCT 504 Week 7 Course Project Financial Statement Analysis Project — A Comparative Analysis of Kohl’s Corporation and J.C. Penney Corporation



Earning per share

Current ratio

Gross Profit Ratio

Profit margin ratio

Inventory Turnover

Days in Inventory

Receivable Turnover Ratio

Average Collection Period

Assets Turnover Ratio

Return on Assets Ratio

Debt to Total Assets Ratio

Times Interest Earned Ratio

Payout ratio

Return on Common Stockholders’ Equity

Free cash flow Current

cash debt coverage ratio

Price -Earnings ratio