Albert Ellis & His Theory

Albert Ellis & His Theory


Please read page 121 of your text about psychologist Albert Ellis and his theory of Irrational Beliefs. Look over the list of Irrational Beliefs and try to see what are their common elements.

Also, please study the concept of fallacies in chapter 5 and compare it to the concept of ‘Irrational Beliefs.’ There are some differences — can you find them?

‘Irrational Beliefs’ (per Ellis) are a very specific type of deep-seated cognitive errors that people live by. Living by these cognitive errors can relate to some specific disorders, such as depression, but all of us commit such errors to some degree.

Discuss how these cognitive errors can adversely impact a person’s psychological well-being if they get out of hand. Discuss any of these that impact someone you know – or you — and the impact they have.

Additional information (if you are interested): While Albert Ellis never liked to give recognition to Sigmund Freud’s theory, he was very familiar with it and wished not to be associated with it anymore; however, his theory is closely related to (Anna and Sigmund) Freud’s idea of ‘defense mechanisms,’ a concept that is still widely applied here (and everywhere else), even though he is out of favor today in the US. It is worth to look at — and evaluate — the connection between ‘Irrational Beliefs’ and ‘Defense Mechanisms.’