Article Essay

Article Essay


Create a list of points from the article that you either strongly disagree with, and then use your journal one to develop positions on why you disagree with three of those points. Then, for the essay, build a response disagreeing with the overall point of view presented in the Carr article.

Use the text reading assignment on responding . As you are going to explore three points, each point can be a body paragraph supporting your overall agreement or disagreement. Make sure the thesis states your overall agreement or disagreement with Carr.

Requirements of this paper-

1. A clear position must be taken by the writer (disagree)

2. The thesis must clearly disagree with the author

3. Do not use second person “you” anywhere in the essay

4. The essay should be 700-900 words

5. Use MLA documentation for in text citation and works cited page

6. Use and appropriately cite the required article (Carr)