Audit Plan for PepsiCo

Audit Plan for PepsiCo

You are required to prepare an audit plan for your selected company from Fortune 500 list.…

PEPSICO is my selected company

Details of the Assignment

  • You are the new auditor for the company approved by the Professor. Another auditor performed the audit last year.
  • As the new auditor, you are to develop a comprehensive Audit Plan. See Attached Example of Audit Plan
  • You are to provide background information about the company, which should a company overview, an organizational chart, a trend analysis of five accounts and notes from the company’s financial statements, audit objective(s), pertinent guidance (accounting standards), audit scope, audit procedures, documents needs to accomplish the audit objective(s), critical audit matter(s), audit team; audit timeframe, audit budget, and conclusion
  • You must have at least 3 references. You must include graphics or charts in your paper. The graphics or tables cannot exceed one third of the page. You must discuss the information in the graphics or tables in the paper.

A list of audit procedures and audit objectives for several accounts are attached

There are two deliverables: (1) SEC 10-K Audit Plan, and (2) SEC 10-K Power Point presentation based on your paper, .

Attached are an example of (files attached)

1) Audit Plan; and

2) audit assertions (audit objectives),