BA 101 Business Operations Midterm Exam 100% Correct Answers


Ques No # 1 : Anything involved in the day to day functions of the business to make sure its generating profit.


Ques No # 2 :List the three primary functions of a business’s operations


Ques No # 3 : List the six key functions that all businesses need to address just as part of doing business.


Ques No # 4 : Define managing versus leading


Ques No # 5 : Describe one of the major differences between leaders and managers


Ques No # 6 : What are the four key factors that a newly promoted leader needs to focus on?


Ques No # 7 : Identify the 4 main functions of management.


Ques No # 8 : Define the role of Human Resource Management or HRM as it’s often referred to


Ques No # 9 : Explain how HRM professionals are now viewed and what their main goal is.


Ques No # 10 : What is the marketing mix?