BUS 490 WeeK 4 Assignment 1 Preparing a Comprehensive Case Analysis, Part 1


Research a public corporation that you believe is not doing as well as it could in the marketplace. For this
first paper, you will complete the first steps of a comprehensive written analysis as described in Part 6 of
the textbook. The written analysis will be completed in the second written assignment in this course.
Write a 4–5 page paper in which you:
1. Identify the firm’s existing objectives and strategies.
2. Explain one (1) strategy that the company might use to take advantage of an external opportunity,
and one (1) strategy that the company might use to address a potential threat.
3. Construct a Competitive Profile Matrix. Include the company you are researching and one or two
(1 or 2) of its major competitors and at least six (6) success factors that you believe to be critical
to success in this industry. This Matrix should follow the format of the examples in Chapter 3.