Childhood Development

Childhood DevelopmentĀ 


Could you please help me with 4 Short Papers? Each of them need to be 1-2 pages in length, in APA format and use at least 3 scholarly references with solid analysis to support your answer.


Short Paper #1

Explain the importance of social policies for protecting children’s well-being and cite factors that affect the policy-making process, noting the role of child development research.

Short Paper #2

The development of a child in the early stages of life is highly dependent on several important factors, such as proper nutrition. The understanding of nutrition and cognitive development in infants has changed over the past several decades. Describe some of the essential concerns about not receiving proper nutrition with regard to cognitive growth. Explain how the effects of poor nutrition can be reversed.

Short Paper #3

How might biological and environmental factors combine to affect the physical growth of children adopted from developing countries? Justify your answer with examples and reasoning.

Short Paper #4

At some point, all elementary school teachers encounter students with learning or behavioral disorders. What are the advantages and disadvantages of mainstreaming and full inclusion for children with learning or behavioral disorders, their peers, and their teachers?