CIS 207 Information Systems Fundamentals Entire Course



CIS 207 Week 1 Individual Assignment Effect of Systems on Business

Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Week One Worksheet
Identify five different IT systems that have affected business in the past few years. For each system, briefly note the following:
• A name for the system
• The area of business it affects
• What changes the system brought to the business world
• What business processes changed because of the system
Likely future effect of the system

CIS 207 Week 1 Worksheet

CIS 207 Week 1 Supporting Activity

Write a 200- to 300-word response to the following
What is a specific role an information system can play in an organization? What are three components of this system? How do they work in the enterprise?

CIS 207 Week 2 Assignment New System Proposal

New System Proposal
For a company like Riordan Manufacturing, employing a system that will help in organizing its sales data is a must. A sales system will help the management and its employees to access their data system via mobile phone or a computer. The new system will be password protected because it contains information about the company and its sales, the sales representatives and the clients of the company. The password is to ensure that all data remains confidential for the benefit of the client and the company itself. Since the company is planning on creating a new data warehouse, carbon footprints and information security will be taken seriously by the management. Riordan Manufacturing is already using an old system and in order to save money once it transitions to the new system, the company can rely on cloud computing system. Cloud computing system will also provide Riordan an easier transition from their old system of computing to the new one.

CIS 207 Week 2 Individual Assignment Information Use Paper



Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper identifying and describing how information is used and how it flows in an organization.
Explain this use in your current place of employment or an organization you are familiar with.
Describe concerns with properly controlling this flow, including keeping it safe from unauthorized use.
Format your paper using APA format.

CIS 207 Week 2 Supporting Activity

Write a 200- to 300-word response to the following:
Why it is important to protect the information organizations use today? What are the basic elements in systems that help with this task?

CIS 207 Week 3 Assignment New System Proposal


New System Proposal

Riordan manufacturing decided to use cloud computing system for handling its data with a belief that it will help the company and the management to disseminate information properly and accurately. With cloud computing system, the company’s employees will also have access to pertinent data anywhere, anytime. This access to information and data is not limited to anyone, meaning even front liners and lowest ranking employees can access, along with the company CEO’s. The company believes that it is important to have access to all information and that access to be within reach all the time because these are needed for quick decision making processes. Analysis also found it easier to do their job with all the data in one place. People who need to add information can also upload the data immediately. If additional information is requested by another department, it can be provided by the department who has it as well. Cloud computing system can be made available to all locations as well and all equipment including handheld devices and mobile computing devices.

CIS 207 Week 3 Individual Assignment Web or Mobile System Paper

Web or Mobile System Paper
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper on a specific web or mobile application.
Describe a specific web or mobile application’spurpose. How is it used? What changes has it brought about to its users? What are some likely future uses and enhancements?

CIS 207 Week 3 Supporting Activity2

Write a 200- to 300-word response to the following:
How is mobile computing, Web 2.0, and social media changing how IT systems are used by businesses?

CIS 207 Week 4 Assignment New System Proposal

Fine Tuning the Data Mart
In its effort to find to continue its smooth operation, Riordan Manufacturing wanted to have a system that can help the sales team in tracking sales data. One of the first options that were suggested was to improve their data mart. According to Team A, improving the data mart can help in recording sales transactions and it can be accessed by anyone in the sales team. Data mart is a database information system that can house all sales data from the sales department. In implementing the data mart usage across Riordan, software and hardware upgrade is needed to be completed first. One of the first things that the company needs to work in is the upgrade of its corporate computers in order to use the common software that can run data mart system. Riordan believes that once data mart is running, it will save the company tremendous amount of money in running its business and for sales researches.
Riordan is using Windows based computers but the operating system they are using are old and outdated. For example, in its San Jose, California and Hangzhou, China plants, their computers are running on a Windows 2000 operating system. Their plants in in Albany, Georgia and Pontiac, Michigan use Windows XP operating system as well, another old timer OS (Apollo Group, Inc., 2006). These are old considering that Windows has nor rolled out its Windows 7 OS that offers security programs and

CIS 207 Week 4 Individual Assignment System Evaluation Paper

System Evaluation Paper
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper identifying and describing how specific system used in an organization has transformed how the organization operates.
Discuss how the business requirements drove the system’s initial development.
Describe the type and basic uses of the system, how the system has helped the organization, and any likely future development plans.
Note. This cannot be the same as the system discussed in Week Three. This system must be used in your current place of employment or an organization you are familiar with.

CIS 207 Week 4 Supporting Activity

Write a 200- to 300-word response to the following:
Discuss an IT system that has transformed the way organizations in at least one field carry out work. Note what requirements drove the system to be developed and what requirements are likely to drive it to change in the future.

CIS 207 Week 5 Assignment New System Proposal

Riordan Manufacturing: Improving Sales Methods
Riordan Manufacturing: Improving Sales Methods
To improve sales methods, Riordan Manufacturing needs to have an information system that is accessible through computers and mobile devices across all branches of the company. The information system data that the company needs is something that can store all pertinent information about customers such as customer information. The record must be password protected as well and only sales agent with accompanying login information can access the records because most of it are confidential especially customer the information. Through the internet, a web-based CRM or customer relationship management system can be used. CRM can run using a service platform called SaaS. This platform and program is what Riordan Manufacturing needs in order to have an organized sales system. Through the system, sales analysis would be easier. Through the information program that Riordan will be using, sales data can be accessible for all sales analyst and personnel of Riordan who need it. If other departments will need information about the products and sales of Riordan, they can access it through the information system as well. Riordan already have computers installed in all of its branches but most of them are obsolete hence the company must consider upgrading computers and software to Windows 7. The company might spend some for the upgrade but in return, the new system will help the company have a better database. A newer and better database in return will help the company become more self-sufficient and reliable with its information, something that its sales analyst can use in order to make useful market and sale predictions. As needed, Riordan must purchase SaaS system to make its cloud system work seamless. As Riordan goes through all these changes, it must be aware of the gains that it will have in the future and set aside the worries of spending more for the upgrade and spending more for buying software and server platform like SaaS.
Riordan Manufacturing was started by Dr. Riordan. His company started in the plastic industry. Prior to starting his business, his patents were licensed to his manufacturers and after 15 years, Dr. Riordan was able to manufacture his own products with plants in the US and China. Riordan Manufacturing became a known company in the production of beverage containers, plastic parts of medical devices, fans and medical devices such as sterns and artificial heart valve parts. According to Apollo Group Inc., (2006), the goal of Riordan is to make $50M revenue in two years’ time. The revenue is expected after Riordan spends for upgrades and installing information system that the business will need to run better. We will talk more about the proposed information system later on. Another reason why the company is willing to spend on information system is the fact that it can help in increasing sales because sales analyst can make better analysis if they have ready data at hand, something that can be only possible if Riordan has an information system to use.

CIS 207 Week 5 Assignment New System Proposal and Presentation

Finalize work on your paper.
Update your work from previous weeks with any feedback received and new information learned along the way, such as the following:
• A high-level discussion of how the system should be acquired and maintained
• A discussion of the strategic role the system will play in the company
• An executive summary of the project, succinctly summarizing the rest of the material in the paper
• Four to six references
Submit the final project paper of 3,500 to 4,200 words.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Finalize work on the Microsoft® PowerPoint® slide presentation, updating it with new information based on all previous feedback. Include 10 to 12 slides with speaker notes.
Present the completed presentation.