CIS 273 Final Exam – 50/50 Correct Answers



<strong>CIS 273 Final Exam 50/50 Correct Answers</strong>

•    Question 1

The table marked 1 in the accompanying figure has a rules value of ____.

•    Question 2

With the frame value ____, a border is drawn only on the left-hand side of the table.

•    Question 3

To control the space between the table text and the cell borders, add the ____ attribute to the table tag.

•    Question 4

The ____ attribute allows you to determine which sides of the table will have borders.

•    Question 5

To create a cell that spans two rows in a table, you enter the <td> tag as ____.

•    Question 6

The table header, table body, and table footer must all contain the same number of ____.

•    Question 7

Which of the following is a table frame type?

•    Question 8

With the frame value ____, a border is drawn on the left and right sides of the table.

•    Question 9

With the frame value ____, a border is drawn only below the table.

•    Question 10

With the frame value ____, a border is drawn on the top and bottom sides of the table.

•    Question 11

Another way you can specify the width is to use the ____ attribute.

•    Question 12

When you link a label with an associated text element for scripting purposes, you must bind the label to the ____ attribute of the field.

•    Question 13

The ____ attribute has two possible values: get and post.

•    Question 14

To create an action for a(n) ____ button, you have to write a script or program that runs automatically when the button is clicked.

•    Question 15

For a contiguous selection in a selection list, select the first item, press and hold the ____ key, and then select the last item in the range.

•    Question 16

A ____ should be used to provide visual indication that option buttons belong in the same group.

•    Question 17

Press the ____ key to move between input boxes.

•    Question 18

Which input type displays an inline image that can be clicked to perform an action from a script?

•    Question 19

In the general syntax for the <select> and <option> tags, each ____ tag represents an individual item in the selection list.

•    Question 20

To specify that an option button be already selected, you type ____.

•    Question 21

Which input type displays an input box that hides text entered by the user?

•    Question 22

When converting old HTML code to XHTML, make sure that all inline images contain the ____ attribute.

•    Question 23

In ____ you can use any character you like without worrying about it being misinterpreted.

•    Question 24

In HTML, which of the following is an example of attribute minimization?

•    Question 25

When converting old HTML code to XHTML, make sure to replace the use of the font element with either the ____ element or with a style that applies the same formatting specified by the font element.

•    Question 26

The ____ DTD supports many of the presentational features of HTML.

•    Question 27

The specifications for XHTML 1.0 most closely match those for HTML _____.

•    Question 28

As with HTML and XML, the W3C maintains the specifications for ______.

•    Question 29

____ is a language like SGML used to create markup languages but without SGML’s complexity and size.

•    Question 30

To set the page size and orientation for page size 8.5 X 14 with landscape orientation, the style property would be ____.

•    Question 31

To apply a drop shadow to a page element, use the style

____; [inset] color offsetXoffsetY blur [spread];

•    Question 32

Which media device does NOT use the characteristic paged?

•    Question 33

The Internet Explorer filter

Wave(freq=value, lightStrength=value, phase=value, strength=value)

applies the sine-wave distortion to an object. The appearance of the wave is determined by the four ____.

•    Question 34

To allow the printer to determine whether or not to insert a page break, use the type ____.

•    Question 35

Once you define a page ____, it can be applied to any grouping element in your document.

•    Question 36

To set the stopping point for a radial gradient to the corner closest to the gradient’s center, use the keywords ____.

•    Question 37

CSS3 supports the style

opacity: value;

to make any page object ____, where value ranges from 0 up to 1.

•    Question 38

Internet Explorer ____ can be applied only to objects that have a defined layout on the page.

•    Question 39

The CSS3 3D Transformation function that moves the object offX pixels horizontally, offY pixels vertically, and offZ pixels along the z-axis is ____.

•    Question 40

Older browsers that do not support the ____ audio element instead rely on plug-ins to play embedded media clips.

•    Question 41

____ are programs that enable the browser to work with an embedded object.

•    Question 42

A conditional comment uses ____ to specify the condition for Internet Explorer.

•    Question 43

____ is a file compression format designed for Web audio and is an open source and royalty-free format.

•    Question 44

A proprietary file format developed by Adobe to deliver video over the Internet using the popular Adobe Flash Player is ____.

•    Question 45

With the embed element, the width and height of the object are measured in ____.

•    Question 46

Which of the following attributes displays the audio controls in the Web page?

•    Question 47

____ is a video format developed by Apple Computer for Windows and Apple computers.

•    Question 48

The ____ parameter starts YouTube video playback the indicated number of seconds into the video.

•    Question 49

The ____ attibute of the video element automatically restarts the video clip when it is finished playing.

•    Question 50

Each codec is stored within a file called a(n) ____ file.