CIS 359 Midterm Exam Answers


A(n) ____ is an object, person, or other entity that is a potential risk of loss to an asset.


The term ____ refers to a broad category of electronic and human activities in which an unauthorized individual gains access to the information an organization is trying to protect.


____ of risk is the choice to do nothing to protect an information asset and to accept the outcome of its potential exploitation.


Information assets have ____ when they are not exposed (while being stored, processed, or transmitted) to corruption, damage, destruction, or other disruption of their authentic states.


____ is the risk control approach that attempts to reduce the impact caused by the exploitation of vulnerability through planning and preparation


A(n) ____ is an investigation and assessment of the impact that various attacks can have on the organization.


A(n) ____ is any clearly identified attack on the organization’s information assets that would threaten the assets’ confidentiality, integrity, or availability.


____ is the process of examining, documenting, and assessing the security posture of an organization’s information technology and the risks it faces.


A ____ attack seeks to deny legitimate users access to services by either tying up a server’s available resources or causing it to shut down


An organization aggregates all local backups to a central repository and then backs up that repository to an online vendor, with a ____ backup strategy.


A(n) ____ is often included in legal documents to ensure that a vendor is not liable for actions taken by a client.


A ____ is a synonym for a virtualization application.


A ____ is an agency that provides physical facilities in the event of a disaster for a fee.


A ____ is a contractual document guaranteeing certain minimal levels of service provided by a vendor.


A(n) ____ backup only archives the files that have been modified since the last backup.


Considered to be the traditional “lock and copy” approach to database backup, _____ require the database to be inaccessible while a backup is created to a local drive.


RAID 0 creates one logical volume across several available hard disk drives and stores the data using ____, in which data segments are written in turn to each disk drive in the array.


____ uses a number of hard drives to store information across multiple drive units.



The ____ job functions and organizational roles focus on costs of system creation and operation, ease of use for system users, timeliness of system creation, and transaction response time.


To a large extent, incident response capabilities are part of a normal IT budget. The only area in which additional budgeting is absolutely required for incident response is the maintenance of  ____.


The ____ is used to collect information directly from the end users and business managers.


What is a common approach used in the discipline of systems analysis and design to understand the ways systems operate and to chart process flows and interdependency studies?


The final component to the CPMT planning process is to deal with ____.


Which of the following collects and provides reports on failed login attempts, probes, scans, denial-of-service attacks, and detected malware?


The ____ is the point in time by which systems and data must be recovered after an outage as determined by the business unit.


Within an organization, a(n) ____ is a group of individuals who are united by shared interests or values and who have a common goal of making the organization function to meet its objectives


One modeling technique drawn from systems analysis and design that can provide an excellent way to illustrate how a business functions is a(n) ____.:


The training delivery method with the lowest cost to the organization is ____.


Incident analysis resources include network diagrams and lists of ____, such as database servers.


One of the primary responsibilities of the IRP team is to ensure that the ____ is prepared to respond to each incident it may face.


The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology recommends a set of tools for the CSIRT including incident reporting mechanisms with which users can report suspected incidents. At least one of these mechanisms should permit people to report incidents ____.


A(n) ____ is a CSIRT team member, other than the team leader, who is currently performing the responsibilities of the team leader in scanning the organization’s information infrastructure for signs of an incident.


Should an incident begin to escalate, the CSIRT team leader continues to add resources and skill sets as necessary to attempt to contain and terminate the incident. The resulting team is called the ____ for this particular incident.


The responsibility for creating an organization’s IR plan often falls to the ____.


A(n) ____ is a detailed examination of the events that occurred, from first detection of an incident to final recovery.


A(n) ____ is any system resource that is placed onto a functional system but has no normal use for that system. If it attracts attention, it is from unauthorized access and will trigger a notification or response.


Using a process known as ____, network-based IDPSs look for attack patterns by comparing measured activity to known signatures in their knowledge base to determine whether or not an attack has occurred or may be under way.


____ are closely monitored network decoys serving that can distract adversaries from more valuable machines on a network; can provide early warning about new attack and exploitation trends; and can allow in-depth examination of adversaries during and after exploitation.


The use of IDPS sensors and analysis systems can be quite complex. One very common approach is to use an open source software program called ____ running on an open source UNIX or Linux system that can be managed and queried from a desktop computer using a client interface.


When the measured activity is outside the baseline parameters in a behavior-based IDPS, it is said to exceed the ____ (the level at which the IDPS triggers an alert to notify the administrator).


The ____ is a federal law that creates a general prohibition on the realtime monitoring of traffic data relating to communications.


A(n) ____ , a type of IDPS that is similar to the NIDPS, reviews the log files generated by servers, network devices, and even other IDPSs.


Those services performed in response to a request or a defined event such as a help desk alert are called ____.


The first step in building a CSIRT is to ____.


Giving the IR team the responsibility for ____ is generally not recommended.


The ____ flow of information needed from the CSIRT to organizational and IT/InfoSec management is a critical communication requirement.


When an organization completely outsources its IR work, typically to an on-site contractor, it is called a(n) ____ model.


The announcement of an operational CSIRT should minimally include ____.


The CSIRT must have a clear and concise ____ statement that, in a few sentences, unambiguously articulates what it will do.


In the absence of the assigned team manager, the ____ should assume authority for overseeing and evaluating a provided service