CIS 512 Midterm Exam – 30/30 Correct Answers


In graphics, a ____ is a line segment with a specific angle and length in relation to a point of origin.


____ is a technique that reduces the number of bits used to encode data, such as a file or a stream of video images transmitted across the Internet.


The ____ discipline includes activities that verify correct functioning of infrastructure and application software components and ensure that they satisfy system requirements.


A single sector usually holds ____ bytes.


Managers of _____ collections of information systems and supporting infrastructure must contend with a great deal of technical complexity.


A disk with many program and data files scattered on it is said to be ____.


A(n) ____ detects specific patterns of bars or boxes.


A ____ storage device stores and retrieves data items in a linear, or sequential, order.


The ____ governs the format, content, and timing of data, memory addresses, and control messages sent across the bus.


Memory devices comprised of semiconductors and other forms of RAM with long-term or permanent data retention are generically known as ____.


The ____ is a digital circuit that generates timing pulses, or signals, and transmits the pulses to other devices in the computer.


A(n) ____ instruction generates the result true if both of its data inputs are true.


The upper 128 entries in Latin-1 are sometimes called ____.


When manipulating single-precision floating-point numbers, CPU performance is measured in ____.


Bar-code readers use ____that sweep a narrow beam back and forth across the bar code.


Silicon and germanium are basic elements with resistance characteristics that can be controlled or enhanced with chemicals called ____.


Modern ____ displays achieve high-quality color display with organic compounds.


In a CD, flat areas in the reflective layer that represent bit values are called “____.”


Many ____ create application software for specific processing needs


____ Web sites are oriented toward sales, but they usually contain detailed information on specific products or links to other Web sites.


A(n) ____ accepts a continuous electrical signal representing sound (such as microphone input), samples it at regular intervals, and outputs a stream of bits representing the samples.


With ____ compression, data inputs that are compressed and then decompressed are different from, but still similar to, the original input.


A(n) ____ is an enclosed glass vacuum tube with an electron gun in the rear that generates a stream of electrons focused in a narrow beam toward the tube’s front surface.


The assignment of numeric codes to characters follows a specific order called a(n) ____.


In the United States, resolution is generally stated in ____.


A(n) ____ is a stored set of instructions for responding to a specific request, much as you might look up a recipe to prepare a particular dish.


A ____ is a set of computing resources with front-end interfaces and back-end resources.


Pointing devices can be used to enter drawings into a computer system or control the position of a(n) ____ on a display device.


A(n) ____ is a whole number—a value that doesn’t have a fractional part.


The term ____ can describe computers as small as microcomputers and as large as supercomputers.