CJA 324 Version 3 ( Ethics in Criminal Justice ) Complete Course


CJA 324 Week 1 Complete DQs


Should a police officer be sanctioned for drinking to excess in public and making a spectacle of himself or herself in a bar? Should a police officer be sanctioned for posing naked in a magazine, but identified as a police officer using pictures of the uniform as props? What private behavior of police, if any, should be subject to sanction? Explain your answer.


Should police officers be required to secure a certain number of hours of ethics training each year? Explain why or why not. If such training is needed, what components should it include? What about lawyers, judges, and correctional officers?


CJA 324 Week 1 Ethics Awareness Inventory

CJA 324 Week 1 Individual Paper Ethical Dilemma


CJA 324 Week 2 Complete DQs


Define discretion, provide examples of discretion, and discuss unethical and ethical criteria for the use of discretion.


Identify how the police code of ethics clashes with the values of the police subculture.


CJA 324 Week 2 Individual Ethical Worksheet Law Enforcement

CJA 324 Week 2 Learning Team Ethical Decision Paper


CJA 324 Week 3 Complete DQs


What are the advantages and problems with plea bargaining?

Why is the attorney-client privilege protected?


CJA 324 Week 3 Ethical Worksheet Prosecutors

CJA 324 Week 3 Team PaperEthics Issue Presentation


CJA 324 Week 4 Complete DQs


Would you rather spend a year in prison or receive 5 years of probation with very severe restrictions? Could you envision a probationary sentence that was more severe than a custodial sentence?


If you knew for certain that prison did not deter, might you still be in favor of its use? Explain why.


CJA 324 Week 4 Individual Ethical Worksheet Corrections

CJA 324 Week 4 Learning Team Ethical Scrapbook part 1


CJA 324 Week 5


CJA 324 Week 5 Team Paper Ethical Scrapbook part 2

CJA 324 Week 5 Victims Rights and Vengeance paper