Cohesive Agile Team Charter

Cohesive Agile Team Charter


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Your team is developing a software product for your client, SNHU Travel. To get started, you will need to review information that the Product Owner collected from the client. You will use this information, as well as your knowledge of agile and Scrum principles, to develop an agile team charter. Finally, you will reflect upon a key Scrum event: the Daily Scrum. As Scrum Master, you are responsible for helping the team understand and stay true to agile principles and the Scrum framework.


As the Scrum Master for the agile team responsible for the product development, you will develop an agile team charter to help your team be more effective. You will also reflect on a sample Daily Scrum meeting, considering its format and effective practices.

  1. Review the Initial Client Meeting Animation, which presents the Scrum Master’s initial interactions with the Product Owner of the software project for SNHU Travel. A text-only version is available here: CS 250 Initial Client Meeting Animation Text-Only Version. Then, review the Agile Manifesto for Software Development and a sample Free Agile Team Charter Template to get a sense of how the agile principles affect a Scrum Team.
  1. Next, using the CS 250 Agile Team Charter Templatewrite a cohesive agile team charter that briefly describes the SNHU Travel project, and suggests some behaviors and communication practices for your team.
    Note: Normally, this type of document would have input from the whole agile team, but for the purposes of this class, you will fill this out on your own.
  1. Review this sample Daily Scrum Meeting video. Reflect on the format and effective practices of a Daily Scrum by addressing the following:
    1. What are the key questions that can be used to frame a Daily Scrum meeting? How do they help the team achieve their goals?
    2. How does the Scrum Master help facilitate the Daily Scrum throughout the video? Consider both the Scrum Master’s own updates and times when she responded to team members.
    3. What things did the Scrum Master do effectively? How could she improve?

Guidelines for Submission

Use the provided Agile Team Charter Template to complete this artifact. Then use Microsoft Word to reflect on the importance of the Daily Scrum. This document should be 1 to 2 pages in length. Any sources used should be cited according to APA style.