CS340 Entire Course Operating Systems


CS340 Discussion Module 1 Operating Systems


In one paragraph, discuss what features of UNIX makes it an ideal operating system for security-oriented applications and for large applications?


CS340 Discussion Module 2 Operating Systems


In one paragraph, which do you think has made the greatest impact on our computing experience: advances in CPU speed or advances in operating system technology? Why?


CS340 Discussion Module 3 Operating Systems


How do you think the world would be different without today’s computers and advanced operating systems? What would be different about our daily lives, our personal lives, our education, and our professional lives? Write your response in one to two paragraphs.


CS340 Discussion Module 4 Operating Systems


In two paragraphs, discuss the pros and cons of Windows 98 versus Windows XP in a corporate environment.


CS340 Discussion Module 5 Operating Systems


Some of the features of Token Ring make it a more suitable communications transport than Ethernet, but Ethernet has dominated the networking arena. In two paragraph. discus what some of the features Token Ring has that Ethernet does not have but why Token Ring failed to dominate the marketplace.


CS340 Discussion Module 6 Operating Systems


The IPv6 standard was briefly discussed but it will carry great importance in the coming years. In one paragraph, explain why IPv6 will become so important and why it was created to replace IPv4.

CS340 Discussion Module 7 Operating Systems


Patches and updates help to keep a system running smoothly, but there are other good reasons to perform these maintenance tasks. In one paragraph, discuss some other reasons.


CS340 Discussion Module 8 Operating Systems


The Internet relies on one communication protocol to make communications work worldwide. In one paragraph discuss why you think only one protocol is used and why TCP/IP is that protocol.


CS340 Module 1 Assignment Operating Systems


CS340 Module 1 Assignment Operating Systems


The Wilshire Public Library has received funding from the Wilshire county commissioners to upgrade its desktop computers and servers. Currently, they are using an old Windows NT server to catalog holdings. Also, there are Windows 98 computers that the librarians use in their offices. Library patrons use Windows 95 and Windows 98 computers to access the catalog of holdings electronically (or they use the old card catalog, which is cards arranged in banks of drawers in the middle of the library.

In one paragraph for each question, complete the questions below using complete sentences

1.) What are some limitations of the present Windows 95 and 98 computers for use in the context of this library, compared to more modern operating systems? For example, in what ways would library patrons and staff benefit from using more modern operating systems?

2.) What desktop operating systems might be used to replace the Windows 95 and 98 computers? What operating system capabilities should the library look for when replacing these computers?



CS340 Module 2 Assignment Operating Systems


Tasty Freeze is a company that produces ice cream and sells it to distributors in North America. The company headquarters is housed in a large downtown building in Chicago. All of the senior management—the president and all vice presidents— use Macintosh computers with the Mac OS X operating system. The Marketing Department uses Windows XP Professional as does the Accounting Department. The Manufacturing and Operations department uses workstations running Linux, which have specialized software for their area, including a complex inventory and distribution client/server system. The servers used by the company include a combination of Windows Server 2003 and NetWare 6.5 servers. There has been some turnover in the Computer Support area of the company and they have hired you as a consultant to provide help.

  1. A new vice president has just been hired and she is not familiar with Macintosh computers. You have been asked to provide her with a set of simple written instructions about how to access the documents in the home folder, which were left by her predecessor. Also, provide instructions about how to create a new folder in Mac OS X. Note that both the predecessor and the new Vice President are using the same user account name, which is VP Financials. Finally, the Vice President needs your advice for creating a folder structure under her home folder. She wants a separate location for each of the following:
  • Rulings by the board of directors
  • Financial spreadsheets
  • Word-processed documents that pertain to her division
  • Word-processed documents that relate to senior management activities
  • Marketing reports
  1. The Windows XP Professional computer used by a copywriter in the Marketing Department is experiencing some problems. Each time the copywriter accesses certain files, he sees an error message. He is concerned because these are files to be used for an upcoming catalog that will go into print soon. Explain the steps to take in order to fix these files.


CS340 Module 3 Assignment Operating Systems


As the MIS Manager for a small business network, you are asked to research additional storage options for the company. The business has been growing and more information is being stored on the network. It has become apparent that you will run out of storage in the next six months.

  1. Research the costs and implementation challenges for Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SANs). Weigh the options and make your recommendations.
  2. Several of the employees want to easily carry data from their office computer to their home computer so they can continue working at home. Recommend a method to accomplish this.
  3. Several of the employees want to easily carry data from their office computer to their home computer so they can continue working at home. Recommend a method to accomplish this.


CS340 Operating Systems Midterm Exam Answers


CS340 Module 5 Assignment Operating Systems


Wilderness Supply is a 38-person company that makes outdoor clothing such as parkas, jackets, backpacks, hats, gloves, bags, and other equipment. The management group, sales representatives, purchasing agent, and inventory and shipping specialists all use computers that must be connected to the Internet to communicate with distributors, suppliers, a payroll preparation company, and for many other purposes. Currently, all of the computers have V.92 modems and access to telephone lines for outside communications. Also, the computers are connected to one another through a local area network. The company is contacting you to consult about ways in which to support modem access and to improve these communications.

1. Several members of the company have learned that ADSL is now available through a local telecommunications company. Cable modem access is also available. Compare these two alternatives and prepare a report for the companyТs management so they can consider these as replacements for analog modem access.

2.  The owner of the company uses Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 on his workstation. He wants to check the serial port speed of his internal modem. Explain how he can check the speed.

3.  Four of the managers have just gotten MAC OS X computers. Create a short document that describes how to set up their internal modems for Internet access.


CS340 Module 6 Assignment Operating Systems


You are the network administrator for a group of 18 groundwater hydrologists who work in two adjacent buildings. Their company works with new housing construction all over the United States to determine if there is enough local ground water to support a new housing development. Each hydrologist has her or his own computer workstation. Two use computers running Linux, three use Macintosh computers, and the rest use computers running Windows XP or Windows 2000. These hydrologists work with a variety of software, including word processing, research databases, spreadsheets, mapping software, and mathematical calculation software. The buildings in which the hydrologists work are not networked, but the company plans to network each building and connect both networks. The company plans to network each building and connect both networks. The company also has decided to purchase a Linux server and a NetWare server for all of the hydrologists to access. Both servers will be in a secure computer room in one of the buildings. Also, the company plans to connect to an Internet service provider so that each hydrologist can easily access the Internet. Explain how you would handle the following immediate concerns.  Using complete sentence answer the following questions:

1. What type of network, Ethernet or token ring, do you believe should be implemented?

2.  What topology should be installed?

3.  What equipment will have to be purchased in order for each hydrologist’s computer to be connected to the network?

4.  What protocols will you need to set up on each server and on all of the workstations? Why will you need these particular protocols?


CS340 Module 7 Assignment Operating Systems


Case Study Assignment: Resource Sharing Over a Network and Standard Operating and Maintenance Procedures

Please complete the Exercises questions at the end of chapter 9 and 10.  The Case exercises for both.


CS340 Module 8 Final Exam Operating Systems


1. A class of relatively high-capacity storage devices that use removable cartridges

2. Plan to update the _____ each time that you make a change, such as after adding a new device (and driver), installing new software, or adding many user accounts.

3. If you need to format your hard disk before you start installing an operating system, you should run the _____ command.

4. Created by Tim Patterson and a team, including Bill Gates, at Microsoft is known as MS-DOS

5. The EPIC technology enables a single processor to execute as many as 20 operations at a time.

6. With NTFS 5, files can be encrypted so that their contents are available only to those granted access.

7. You will need to know the type of buses that are in your system if you install new expansion cards.

8. Which of the following ports can be used by a mouse?

9. NAS devices may work with the _____ operating system.

10. A tape drive that uses both magnetic and optical recording

11. the most popular hard drive interface in the Intel PC architecture is the SCSI interface.

12._____ is a technique that allows a computer to run two or more programs at the same time.

13. _____ is part of Windows 95 and can be used to make connections via telephone and modem to remote networks or computers.

14. A _____ is a central computer system, such as a mainframe, that is used by multiple users and applications simultaneously.

15. The AMD _____ processor is comparable to the Intel Itanium processor.

16. BIOS is Low-level program code that conducts basic hardware and software communications inside the computer

17. What feature of Windows 2000 helps to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership over previous operating systems?

18. You need a digital I/O interface and drivers to allow your operating system to recognize and use a digital picture and video I/O card

19. If you have selected the driver signing Warn option, drivers and operating system files cannot be modified or overwritten by files that do not have the appropriate digital

20. The _____ interface is often built into the main board (mother board) of the computer, or it is otherwise present in the form of an interface card.

21. The _____ allows an application to use multiple processors if the need arises for additional processing power

22. When Windows Server 2003 is upgraded from Windows 2000 Server, the system files remain in the Windows folder. If Windows Server 2003 is installed from scratch, then it uses the Winnt folder.

23. _____ would be a general function of an operating system installation.

24. A way to directly attach storage to a network

25. In Windows 2000, XP, and Server 2003, _____ is supported so that these operating systems can read and write files to CD-ROM disk drives

26. A single IDE interface can support _____ devices.

27. The _____ processor was the first Intel chip to include a math coprocessor.

28. Each operation is submitted, acted upon, and the results displayed before the next process is started is called GUI

29. A tape drive that has an erasable memory chip is AIT

30. In UNIX/Linux, _____ handle byte-by-byte streams of data.

31. Active directory is a database that is used to store information about resources such as _____ and it groups resources at different levels (hierarchies) for local and universal

32. Interfaces with the resource managers are Kernel

33. For UNIX and Linux systems, the “etc” directory is used for user files and programs

34. Computer software designed to provide the operating system and application software access to specific computer hardware is Sequential processing

35. Simplifies the hardware required inside the computer

36. After a disk is partitioned, it must be _____so that the partition contains the disk divisions and patterns needed by a particular operating system to store files.

37. Each end of a SCSI cable must _____ to prevent echoes and ghost signals on the cable.

38. The number of platters, heads, tracks, and sectors per track are identical on all hard disks.

39. DOS is a 16-bit, single-tasking, single-user operating system.

40. You can use a written script that documents the upgrade process step by step, including _____.