Design & Development Holographic Organization

Design & Development Holographic Organization


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Organization Design & Development: Assignment • • • Search for the journal article entitled as ‘Implementing a Holographic Organization Design: The Case of GABO:mi’ by Jacobi, E. (2015) in South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases. 4 (1), 2– 13. Read the research article thoroughly alongside Chapter 12 in your textbook and answer the questions for the assignment. Besides this research paper use other relevant material to support your answers. Assignment Question(s): Part 1: • • • Q.1 What is a holographic organization? Describe its characteristics. (1 Mark) (Words 150-200) Q.2 How important is the ‘collective organizational learning’ in the development of a new organization design (i.e. the holographic design)? (1 Mark) (Words 150-200