Developing Judgment and Taste

Developing Judgment and Taste


An artwork in a Museum often was done at ANOTHER TIME, by some OTHER than yourself and sometimes for ANOTHER CULTURE.


Indulge me here for a little bit.

If I were to go to a FOREIGN country, would I understand what I am seeing?

Margaret Mead, an Anthropologist, tried to develop what is called EMPIRICAL DATA. This was unedited data. She found that it was a great theory but not very applicable.

What would I need to do in order to “get” what that country is about?

  • Find a traveling agency?
  • Read about that country?
  • Take a trip to that country with someone who is a native of that country?
  • Live there for a while?

Have you ever tried to tell a JOKE to someone from another country? Did they find that it was funny? Jokes often don’t translate well.

Question: (Refer to these by their number)

  1. Should the public be able to walk into the Museum and “get it?”
  2. Is it the responsibility of the Museum to provide us with an education?
  3. Is our boredom due to too much, too easy, too fast?
  4. Our society often equates change with progress and lack of change with stagnation. Do you believe this way?

TRADITION is the result of a culture doing something long enough that it is done well!

Many of us learn through doing. That means that repeating refine something.

“PRACTICE does not make PERFECT! It makes PERMANENT.”

Question: How do we develop judgment and taste?