Digital Communication

Digital Communication 



Intro: At this social distance era, where we lost non-verbal communication, the significant trait that boosted our conversations and simplified the intentions behind every word we say, digital communication has taken over as the new social gathering. Due to that. people seem to not excuse you when you do not respond to their calls. As they think since you are in social distance you are supposed to be available all the time but, they do not understand the amount of pressure digital communication seal on people. Although digital communication platforms are here to save 2020 interaction and relationships, it also creates anxiety and discomfort for some other people.

main points: Paragraph 1:define digital communication. Zoom, snapchat, line. The new social gathering.

Paragraph 2 how they save social interaction (combine paragraph 1 and 2 or keep separate)

Paragraph 3 problem #1 Have to respond immediately and makes you anxious.

Paragraph 4 problem #2 more pressure in zoom (especially with acquaintances) , everything more formal, increasing anxiety

Paragraph 5 Problem #3 nonverbal communication is harder in digital settings, even zoom, where you can’t read these cues as easily. increasing anxiety.