ECE 203 Ongoing Assessment In Developing Meaningful Curriculum


Assessments in a child’s early years are necessary to building a foundation to a solid curriculum. There are many stages and achievements that can be followed and then dealt with as you go along. The style of assessment that is done is based on how the teacher works with each child. With these elements that are in place a child is sure to succeed. An assessment is defined as a gathering of information that is needed to make an informed instructional decision. This is an integral part of all early childhood programs. Since an assessment is such a fact of educational life it is important that we step back and ask ourselves; why is an assessment needing to be done, what is the purpose of the assessment, and is this assessment optimal for meeting this purpose.

A child assessment brings much value to curriculum. By researching a child’s behavior and activities this will then establish their growth and ability throughout their early childhood. While doing an assessment on a child, one will be able to note if a child is learning at the appropriate pace, not only academically but social and emotional as well. The objectives to an assessment is to keep track of how a child is progressing.


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