ECE 203 week 2 Developmentally appropriate practice


Developmentally appropriate practice means to approach children from where they are and not from where we think they should to be. As a teacher and/or caregiver you must believe that every child develops and grows in a different stages. Just because one child who is four years old may be able to write a few letters that are in their name, does not mean that all four year olds can. NAEYC explains developmentally appropriate practice includes five key points. These key points are; create a caring community, teaching to enhance development and learning, planning curriculum to achieve goals, assessing children’s development and learning, and establishing reciprocal relationships.

Teachers create a caring community through the environment by how they have set their room based on what they know about their children. The arrangement of the room may change as needed. An example for changing it would be if there are a larger number of boys, you would maybe make the block area bigger, if there was a larger group of girls you could make the dramatic play area bigger.


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