ENG 221 Entire Course Version 5 Technical Writing Fundamentals

ENG 221 Entire Course.



ENG 221 Week 1 DQs. 


What are the four main purposes of technical writing?  What is the goal of informative writing? What is the aim of instructional writing? What is the purpose of reference writing? What is the aim of persuasive writing? When should a document be delivered online?


You are the team leader of a work project at Gulfview Architectural and Engineering Services. The team has been involved in this project for a year. During the year, the team has met weekly, every Wednesday at 8:00 A.M. It is now time to assess the team’s successes and areas needing improvement.

Your goal will be to recommend changes as needed before the team begins its second year on this project. You have encountered the following problem:

• Sharon Mitchell, almost never provides her input during the meetings. She will e-mail comments later or talk to people during breaks. Her comments are valid and on-topic, but not everyone gets to hear what she says.


How will you handle this challenge? Try this approach:

• Analyze the problem(s). To do so, brainstorm. What gaps might exist causing these problems?

• Invent or envision solutions. How would you solve the problems? Consider Human Performance Improvement issues, as discussed in this chapter.

• Plan your approach. To do so, establish verifiable measures of success (including time frames and quantifiable actions).

ENG 221 Week 1 Individual Workplace Communication Comparison.
ENG 221 Week 2 DQs. 


What is intellectual property? What do intellectual property laws define? What are the categories of intellectual property protections? What international treaties are in place for protection of U.S. intellectual property?


Many companies track the time their employees spend looking at Web sites, sending and receiving Twitter messages, posting blog entries, or viewing Facebook and YouTube.

Research the following:

• The legal and ethical ramifications of an employee’s private use of corporate-owned e-mail and Internet access.

• The legal and ethical ramifications of an employer eavesdropping on an employee’s use of electronic communication.
ENG 221 Week 2 Individual Corporate Memo. 
ENG 221 Week 2 User Manual Outline.
ENG 221 Week 3 DQs. 


What is page design and why is it important? What types of mistakes are common in technical writing? Use at least one example to show the possible mistakes.


You have just completed the interview process for a job in your field. You have impeccable credentials, meeting and exceeding all of the requirements. Your interview went very well.

At the close of the interview, one of the interviewers says, “Thank you for interviewing with us. You did a great job answering our questions, and your credentials are truly excellent. However, I think you would find the job unchallenging, maybe even boring. You are overqualified.”
ENG 221 Week 3 Individual Request for Proposal
ENG 221 Week 3 User Manual Draft
ENG 221 Week 4 DQs.


What are some techniques for developing effective, interactive, and visual web-based user manuals? What are the benefits and challenges of developing interactive user manuals?


Why is it important to establish the necessary criteria before writing a user manual? What criteria are frequently missing or vague in user manuals and instruction? Provide examples of missing or vague criteria you have recently seen.
ENG 221 Week 4 Individual User Manual Critique. 
ENG 221 Week 4 Team PowerPoint Draft
ENG 221 Week 5 DQs. 


Resources: SkillSoft (2012). Basic Presentation Skills: Creating a Presentation. Complete Basic Presentation Skills: Creating a Presentation module in Skillport. Write a 200- to 300-word response to the following questions: What are the most effective practices in creating and delivering a technical business presentation?


Halfmoon is an online wholesaler of hiking, biking, and boating gear. Halfmoon’s CEO, Montana Wildhack, wants his employees to excel in oral and written communication. He has hired a consultant to train the employees. During the presentation, the consultant highlights his comments by writing on a chalkless whiteboard, using green and yellow markers. The consultant has participants break into small groups to role-play. They take mock customer orders, field complaints, and interact with vendors, using a prepared checklist of do’s and don’ts. At one point, when a seminar participant calls in a question, the consultant says, “No, that would be wrong, wrong, wrong! Why would you ever respond to a customer like that? Common sense would dictate a different response.” Write a 200-to 300-word post discussing the speaker’s oral communication skills. Using the guidelines in the chapter, explain what went wrong and why. Explain what was effective.
ENG 221 Week 5 Team User Manual. 
ENG 221 Week 5 Team User Manual Presentation.