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ET 332 Final Exam Preparation Guide


This item covers Modules 5-8.  Scan, handwrite answers and upload solutions.  Show all required calculations for full credit.


  1. Design a 16-Bit DAC Circuit
    1. Calculate the values for all resistors
    2. Include calculations and schematic
    3. Capture a screenshot of several input/output settings from the 16-Bit DAC Circuit
  2. For a Wien-bridge oscillator
    1. Given R = 50Kohm and C = 100nF what is the frequency of oscillation?
    2. Given a required frequency of oscillation of f = 10kHz and R = 8kohm, what should the value of C be?
  3. Calculate the signal to noise ratio given RMS Noise Voltage = 20mV and RMS Signal Voltage = 2.5V
  4. Calculate ETotalRMSgiven e21RMS = 5V and e22RMS = 7V
  5. Calculate SNR(dB) given a noise specification of 680nV
  6. Calculate the noise specification given SNR(dB) = 350dB
  7. For a simulated inductor application, to yield L = 75mH, R1 = 3kohm, and C1 = 200uF, determine required value of R2.
  8. For a constant current generator, with a saturation voltage = 20V and a current reference of 30mA, calculate RLmin.
  9. For a precision rectifier application, given EIRMS = 5V, determine EOpeak.
  10. For an AC to DC converter, given EIPeak= 10V, determine EI.