Events Responsibilities

Events Responsibilities


One of the major benefits of doing an externship is the opportunity to observe a workplace, participate in its activities, and reflect on the experience. The journal is a systematic record of these observations and reflections about the externship experience. Part 1 Weekly Journal Entry Describe some of the key events, decisions, responsibilities, challenges, and issues that occurred during the prior week at your job. You can talk about customer successes, how you may have dealt with a difficult situation, interactions with your co-workers and supervisors, success stories, highs and lows, problems and concerns, and provide at least one example of something you have learned or became better at doing over the course of the week.

Part 2 Discussion Questions Write a response to the discussion questions below. Each week, you will be provided with a question. Answer the question for that week only. Save both Part 1 and Part 2 Journal Entries to the appropriate Dropbox folder.

Week 1 Journal Entry and Discussion Question Response will go in Journal Entry 1 in Moodle, Week 2 Journal Entry and Discussion Question Response will go in Journal Entry 2 in Moodle, and so on……

IMPORTANT: Please provide as much detail as possible. You will not be given credit if your answers are incomplete. You should make it a point throughout your workweek to take notes so that it will be easier for you to write your journal entries during the three class meetings.