Glaspell Novel

Glaspell Novel


 Identify a character from both a fiction (Chopin or Glaspell) and a nonfiction piece (Torres or Kobabe) that we have read this week. First, show how the character is limited in his or her role in society (excluded from the American Dream), an then explain specifically how that character pushes against boundaries imposed by society. Use paraphrased quotes to support your claims, and cite them in APA style using in-text and reference citations that you reviewed last week.


  • 300 words minimum (excluding quotations and citations)
  • Include two properly integrated and cited paraphrased quotations (one from each work) to support your claims. See the Literary Analysis Tools Module from this week’s activities for information about integrating and citing quotes.

Bibliography allowed (MUST BE JUST THEM)

Kate Chopin:

Biography, Vol. 2, pp. 441-442 and “Désirée’s Baby,” Vol. 2 pp. 442-446 (fiction)

Susan Glaspell:

Biography, Vol. 2 pp. 750-751 and Trifles, Vol. 2 pp. 751-761 (drama)

Watch the video

Performance of Trifles,

Justin Torres:

In Praise of Latin Night at the Queer Club, (non fiction)

Maia Kobabe:

Gender Queer: A Memoir, (nonfiction)