GM 588 Managing Quality Midterm Exam Answers


(TCO A) Contrast the mindset of management under total quality and more traditional management structures with respect to employees, manufacturing, and leadership


(TCO B) Explain each of the following statements as they apply to modern quality management.


(TCO A) Describe the relationship between quality and personal values.


(TCO H) Identify and discuss five differences between service and manufacturing organizations.


(TCO G) Discuss the concept of best practices and their effect on quality management success


(TCO H) Identify and discuss the five key dimensions of service quality. Given an example of a service and describe how a customer may define quality along each of these dimensions.


(TCO A) General-purpose financial statements are the product of


(TCO B) Cite two ways that the accounting function can contribute to the achievement of quality.


(TCO C) Compare and contrast the quality philosophies of Deming and Juran.


(TCO D) The criteria for Performance Excellence for the Malcolm Baldrige award consist of a hierarchical set of categories, items, and areas to address. Which of the following four is NOT one of them?


(TCO E) According to Kano’s classification of customer requirements, a cup of coffee that is served hot and fresh at a restaurant specializing in breakfasts fits which class of customer requirements?


(TCO F) Characteristics of effective strategic leadership include all of the following EXCEPT: