Hardship Letter

 Hardship Letter


I need help writing a hardship letter. Nothing long or drawn out just a brief paragraph stating important facts. The example below needs some work.

Background facts:

Before the recent Hurricane, I was “just” getting by financially (check to check) on a tight budget. In this type of situation, it only takes one unexpected occurrence to push you further down the debt pole. With student loans, etc, I have not been able to get any type of loan consolidation.


My household has been reduced from two incomes to one. Because of this loss of income, I have been on a tight budget without any room for unexpected expenses. Before the Hurricane, I applied for a 401k hardship loan to help with unpaid medical expenses. Due to recent Hurricane Florence, I’ve been displaced from my home for a week the incurred living expense for lodging, food and now having to pay a high deductible due to damages sustained to my home has inflated my financial hardship. Any assistance that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.