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The rough draft of your proposed research study must include a

  • An APA formatted title page
  • An APA formatted introduction, with at least a start on the writing and citing within the text (should be at least one to two paragraphs)
  • The literature review, including at least the first four previously submitted article reviews with revisions
  • The Research Problem, Research Question, and Hypothesis (if needed) with the revisions given by the Instructor (I provided for you)
  • An outline of the information that will go in each of the four sections of the Methods portion. You must include what you are considering including in each of the sections so that feedback can be given by the Instructor.
  • The Reference page with at least the four article reviews already written and submitted. Corrections must be made on the references based upon previous feedback given by the Instructor.

All parts must be APA formatted and incorporate feedback provided previously by the instructor. If all parts are not included, the paper will be returned to you for revision prior to grading and a 20% penalty will be given in addition to any points taken off for the quality of the paper. This rough draft of your proposed research study is worth 50 points.

For the rough draft, the Introduction should be in present tense, the Literature Review will be in past tense, and the Proposed Study will be in future tense (since it is just a plan of what you would like to do).

This is all building up to the final project like the example I provided for you.

(If you need to tweak the research problem, research question or hypothesis your more then able to do that)

I have not received the feedback for the second article review yet but when I get it I will share it with you.


Evidence of understanding of content by writing in your own words with no more than one quoted piece of material. Includes all required parts, including the four corrected reviews in the literature review. All previous feedback given by the instructor is incorporated. Turnitin percentage at or below 30%.

No major issues with needing edits, grammatical issues, or mechanics. Uses a technical writing style. Use of third Person. Present tense used in introduction, past tense in article and reviews, and future tense in the proposed study/ methods section.