HSA 530 Midterm Exam 100% Correct Answers


(1) The major piece of legislation that caused many personnel departments to shift from just hiring practices to including negotiations with labor unions was


(2) The textbook authors suggest that many practitioners of health care personnel office’s did not stay in the field because


(3) One reason why the HR model is infrequently used in the United States may be:


(4) Large HR departments are likely to have:


(5) One reason why HR departments are often referred to as “the police” of the organization is because:


(6) What regulation is most closely tied to the Bill of Rights’ “pursuit of happiness” clause?


(7) What regulation remains as the country’s basic wage-and-hour law?


(8) The Rehabilitation Act was the precursor to the:


(9) What position encompasses the changing requirements of the entire organization?


(10) The difference in perspectives between a line manager and a HR manager about rewarding employees is:


(11) What three activities will almost all human resources department be intimately involved in?


(12) Which of the following statements sums up the textbook’s position on a manager’s visibility and availability?


(13) According to the textbook, which of the following actions can hurt a manager’s credibility with employees?


(14) What is a difference between the job summary and the principal duties performed sections of a position description?


(15) The term “exempt,” when used in position descriptions, means:


(16) The frequently occurring delay between the time an offer of employment is accepted and when the company has the individual start work exists because:


(17) If a lawsuit is filed against the organization regarding reference checks, who is legally responsible?


(18) Why is it best for department managers to have the HR department check the references of potential candidates?


(19) The civil service classification system is a process that:


(20) The hiring process for individuals seeking employment at state and local health care organizations covered by civil service:


(21) Which question is illegal to ask in an interview?


(22) Interviewers should focus most of their interview questions in what area?


(23) Which question about a candidate’s age is allowed on an application or in an interview?


(24) Employees learn better when:


(25) On-the-job training is most effective when: