HUM 176 Complete Course Material

HUM 176 Complete Course Material


(Complete Discussion Questions Included)


HUM 176 Week 1 Individual Assignment Toolwire learnscape Examining the Use of Social Media

HUM 176 Week 2 Assignment Toolwire Learnscape Credibility and Impact

HUM 176 Week 3 Assignment Tracking the Intersection of Culture and Media

HUM 176 Week 4 Midterm(Appendix A)

HUM 176 Week 5 Assignment Become a Critic

HUM 176 Week 6 Assignment Toolwire Learnscape Exploring the Influence and Controversy of Modern Electronic Games

HUM 176 Week 7 Assignment Rating the News Sites

HUM 176 Week 8 Assignment Toolwire Learnscape Examining Ethical and Legal Issues Related to Online Content

HUM 176 Week 9 Final Assignment