Infant Development

Infant Development


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In Western societies, parents typically scaffold their young children’s mastery of challenging tasks, communicating with the child in a way that resembles the teaching that occurs in school. But in cultures that place less emphasis on schooling and literacy, children may be expected to take greater responsibility for acquiring new skills through observation and participation in community activities. Why do you think is important to consider cultural influences when conducting research with human subjects?

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My question crosses over with the readings from last week as well as this week. In the previous week’s readings, they focused on how allowing children to have access to television at an early age can effect their brain development. This week’s readings focused on the social, physical, emotional and cognitive development in early childhood. My question is, if a child is exposed to too much television, how much effect does that have on their developing brain? Is it possible for a child exposed to too much television to have a difficult time processing information other than what they see on television? How does this effect their ability to socialize with peers?

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