Internal factors that affect employee’s performance


Employee performance can be influenced by many internal cultural factors within an organization such as involvement, consistency, adaptability, and mission. Reflect on an organization where you were previously employed. Were there internal factors that affected your performance? What were they? If those factors were eliminated, do you believe there would be a direct correlation between your individual performance evaluation ratings? Are there external factors that not only affect the organization but also individual performance? How might you, as an HR manager, help alleviate some of the influences to better improve employees’ job performance and ratings?

In 250 words, Post a cohesive and scholarly response based on your readings and research this week that addresses the following:

The U.S. economy shifted during the most recent financial depression, resulting in a downturn in some organizations’ abilities to measure performance as they had in the past. Consequently, the deflation of performance ratings began. Do you think organizations should either inflate or deflate performance level ratings of employees based on economic conditions? What are the ethical implications of each type of action? What effect might these actions have on base salaries of new hires? Be specific and provide examples with references to the literature provided this week