LTC 315 Complete Course Material

LTC 315 Complete Course Material

LTC 315 Entire Course


LTC 315 Week 1 Complete DQs


(a) What do you believe is the main factor in determining whether a person may need formal long-term care or informal care?


(b) What are the benefits of private funding versus government sources in relation to coverage of services?


LTC 315 Week 1 Living Environments Worksheet


LTC 315 Week 2 Complete DQs


(a) What is one positive and one negative effect social support systems may have on living environment choices?


(b) What are the advantages and disadvantages of community-based programs?


LTC 315 Week 2 Annotated Bibliography

LTC 315 Week 2 Making Choices Guide Part I


LTC 315 Week 3 Complete DQs


(a) What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of lack of regulation or over regulation as it relates to the facility?


(b) What affect do long-term care policies have on assisted living?


LTC 315 Week 3 Case Study Comparison Presentation Outline


LTC 315 Week 4 Complete DQs


(a) What form of reimbursement do you believe would allow individuals the best level of care in a skilled nursing facility? What percentage of residents would you guess have this?


(b) If you had to choose a facility for a family member or friend, how would you get the information you need to make the decision? How would you evaluate the information you obtain?


LTC 315 Week 4 Making Choices Guide Part II

LTC 315 Week 4 Team Paper


LTC 315 Week 5 Complete DQs


(a) In what ways have you seen culture change affect long-term care in your life? What aspect of culture change do you believe has the biggest effect on long-term care?


(b) How do you think technology-based living environments are affecting long-term care currently? What do you believe will be the biggest change in the next 10 years?


LTC 315 Week 5 Case Study Comparison Presentation