management article

management article

Select any one (1) article related to Quality Management (from 2011-2020) and prepare the following in your report:

1.Summary of the study (Half page)

2.Literature review: The variables researched and its definition/meaning (1 page)

3.Explain the variables are important in Quality Management? (1 page)

4.Explain how this study is useful to the customers and organization. (1 page)

5.Conclusion – Future studies recommended in the research, Overall comment on the article and describe what you learn from this research article. (1 page).


Note: Strictly follow the below guidelines


Pages : Minimum 4 and half pages

Margin in all 4 sides 1 inchs

Font: Times New Roman

Heading Font size 14

Running Text: 12 font size

Line spacing: 1.5 inch