Mental Health in African American Communities

Mental Health in African American Communities

The aim of this assignment is to focus on the problem statement. Clearly identify the problems or questions that will be the focus of the dissertation research, and present a peer-reviewed literature review that clearly supports the proposed topic as novel and significant. Clearly identify the knowledge gap supported by current literature to exemplify the novelty of the proposed study. Use the literature to also describe the significance of the proposed study by underscoring how it will improve and impact the respective field. Discuss expected outcomes and how they are important to rectify conflicting literature or add to current knowledge.

Formulate a title for the proposed dissertation research. Using the concepts mentioned in the assignment overview, write an Introduction and Problem Statement to the Dissertation Prospectus. Provide a clear rationale for why the study is needed. Clearly articulate the purpose of the study (i.e., study aims). The second component of the assignment is to formulate a set of appropriately formulated Research Questions on the Dissertation topic (see Assignment Expectations below). Follow this with a proposal outline for approval. Please follow this outline:

  1. Specific aims will include a brief introduction, the question or hypothesis and 2-3 aims geared at investigating the questions.
  2. Background and significance 2-3 pages. Chung et al. (2008). Retrieved from
  3. Innovation is describing the novelty of the research and why it is important.
  4. Proposal outline

The assignment must be formatted to meet the requirements of APA Sixth Edition:

Assignment Expectation

  • The proposed dissertation topic is both novel and relevant to the Health Sciences as supported by relevant academic publications.
  • The proposed research questions are viable and relevant as they relate to the dissertation topic.
  • Study Purpose (or study aims) should stem logically from the Problem Statement.
  • Research Questions must be clearly articulated and correspond to the study purpose.
  • Provide evidence that proposed Dissertation research will be theory-based.
  • Write a proposal outline to seek tentative approval of the Dissertation topic.
  • Conduct a focused literature review on constructs presented in the research questions.
  • Proposed research must be theory-based. Provide a scholarly basis for responses.
  • Demonstrate the ability to critically analyze the published literature on the topic (examine methodologies employed in previously published research studies, as well as previously published findings).
  • Justify opinions with evidence from the peer-reviewed literature.
  • Cite several scholarly references. Content taken from general interest websites is not permitted.
  • Properly cite all references in the text of the Dissertation Prospectus as well as at the end.