MGT 499 case 1 key strategies


In this assignment consider some key strategies recently implemented by Comcast in its effort to succeed and compete in its current competitive environment.

Discuss the strategic direction of the company and whether you believe the organization to be on the right track.

Make recommendations that you believe would help Comcast to gain market share (that is, hypothetically formulate what you think would be useful strategies for Comcast to consider).

Also comment regarding whether you believe Comcast operates in a socially responsible manner and whether their CSR record helps or hinders their success.

Your case assignment should be a minimum of 4 pages in length.

You are required to use APA formatting and you are required to cite and reference your sources.  There should be a minimum of three reputable sources cited and referenced in your paper.



Set 1-inch margins on all four sides.
Use 12-point type throughout; don’t use different type sizes.
Double-space the text throughout the paper, including the reference page.
Do not put extra spaces between paragraphs or between headings and paragraphs.
Use italics or bold for emphasis, but use them sparingly or it becomes too distracting for your reader

Must have references!