MHA 625 Week 6 Assignment Final paper Marketing Plan

MHA 625 Week 6 Assignment Final paper Marketing Plan


Executive Summary    

There are approximately 2800-5000 families in the state of Florida that would benefit from a family Health and Wellness Center which would provide a holistic approach to services for individuals with Down Syndrome and their families. Service provisions will focus on physical health, mental health, family supports, therapy and education. A large component will focus on community outreach for newly diagnosed parents in the prenatal phase, to adults and caretakers in need of supports and services. The Center will provide expertise in the health and wellness of individuals with Down Syndrome and those that love and care for them.   In addition, to health and wellness it will provide education, advocacy and socialization for all those who come to us for services.


The Fun Coast Down Syndrome Family Health and Wellness Center, will provide an expansive service line that will address the needs of families and individuals with Down Syndrome.


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