My Man Godfrey and Stagecoach

My Man Godfrey and Stagecoach


My Man Godfrey

The arrival of “talkies” in 1927 with The Jazz Singer caused a revolution in how movies were manufactured and shown.

  1. What kind of talent and creative personnel were required for a film like Godfrey that were not necessary for silent films a decade earlier?
  2. My Man Godfrey is considered a “Screwball Comedy.” The word “screwball” is a baseball term. Having watched the film, why do you think the label “Screwball Comedy” was applied to the film? Which aspects of the film earn the label?
  3. The Great Depression hit in 1929. How is the Great Depression depicted in Godfrey, and what part does it play in the story, the characters’ development, and the ending?

This film revived and elevated the Western genre which had always been popular in American films, but had become a “B Movie” staple with lesser budgets and lesser stars by 1939.