NETW 561 Final Exam 100% Correct Answers


Question 1. 1. (TCO A) Briefly describe the modulation process. (Points : 20)


Question 2.2. (TCO A) Briefly describe the advantages of satellite communications. (Points : 20)


Question 3.3. (TCO B) Describe code division multiple access (CDMA). (Points : 20)


Question 4.4. (TCO C) Briefly discuss the advantages of GSM. (Points : 20)


  1. (TCO D) Briefly discuss what General Packet Radio Systems (GPRS) is. (Points : 20)


Question 2.2. (TCO E) List the three different types of Call Session Control Function servers in IMS. (Points : 20)


Question 3.3. (TCO F) List three benefits of wireless LANs. (Points : 20)


Question 4.4. (TCO G) What two things do LTE and WiMAX have in common? (Points : 20)


  1. (TCO A) Discuss the design consideration for frequency reuse in a cellular system and how performance measure of QoS works. (Points : 30)


Question 2.2. (TCO C) Using the TIDAL approach to decision making, solve the problem of picking CDMA or GSM for a company that has people traveling extensively in Europe and the United States, is only interested in voice services, and is looking for the lowest cost solution. (Points : 30)